Japan Week

July 14-21, 2024
San Francisco Japantown

Join us for a celebration of Japanese art and culture in the heart of the historic SF Japantown. Enjoy free workshops and performances with master artists from Japan, Chicago, and Brazil.

Workshops and demonstrations will be held in Studio Gen, in the Japan Center East Mall.

Japan Day

July 21, 2024, 1 - 5 pm
Studio Gen Stage, Hotel Kabuki Stage, Japan Center East Mall Stage

Enjoy free performances by:

  • Gen Taiko and Odori School
  • International Karate League
  • Sakura Ren folk dance
  • Okinawan dance and drums
  • Gintenkai / Tsukasa Taiko

Past events

Japan Day 2020
Livestreamed virtually in collaboration with the Asian Art Museum.
Watch the recording >>

Japan Week Workshops 2020
Pre-recorded workshops in taiko and odori.

Lectures & Demonstrations
Pre-recorded lectures and demonstrations in shamisen performance, Washi Ningyo Doll Making, and koto performance.


Japan Week is a summer cultural festival featuring performances, workshops & demonstrations in San Francisco Japantown.

Presented by GenRyu Arts in association with East and West Japan Center Mall.
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